Anxiety and Panic Attacks Should Be Simple

Let me state the obvious…our personal lives can be very complicated and difficult to deal with. Day in and day out, we are continuously pelted with all forms of negative and positive feedback as we go throughout our day. It can often be overwhelming, and very stressful. A funny thing about stress for those who have OCD, anxiety and panic attacks, is that stress can be the engine that drives those impulse disorders.

What is the most effective way to deal with an emotionally overwhelming day? Good question. There is, obviously, no single solution. Life is just not that simple. I find, when life gets to be a little overwhelming, it is easier to deal with when you simplify your thinking. There is a lot of serenity in reminding yourself what is important to you. Fall back on old and familiar priorities. Remind yourself that the mental bashing you may be taking at work is not nearly as important to you at your own personal health. Remind yourself that learning from yesterday, living for today and planning for tomorrow is a simple and practical way to look at your life. My point being, we bring an awful lot of grief on ourselves. It is self-imposed.

We can let so many things in our lives, that are stress producing, to go ahead and drag us down, or we can simply confront those things that are stress producing and remind ourselves that they are not as important in our lives, as are fundamental priorities such as health, family, community.

When the economy, and my personal finances are a foundation for my stress and disappointment, I remind myself… There is a substantial difference between need and want.

Those things that I need are more important to me than the things that I want. And in so many cases, things that I need are the essentials in my life and are easier to obtain and more fulfilling than those things that I want. I guess what I’m saying is that when the world seems its darkest, heaviest and most challenging… I fall back on basics and simplicity when analyzing my life, and I find stress melts away.