Healthy Remedies For Stress, Anxiety, and Obesity

Advancements in science and technology today have totally modernized how people live their lives. The improvements of the 21st century medical care science have prolonged the rate of longevity and even wiped out several incurable diseases.

These modern wonders have fallen short on eliminating two problematic issues that are affecting people nowadays: Anxiety and Stress. Regardless of the dietary supplements that you use, or the physical exercise program that you try… No one can gain immunity out of life worries.

The other health issue that creates challenges to medical science is obesity. Based on the U.S Obesity Society research, around 64% of Americans have become overweight. The unhealthy eating habit, the convenience of transportation, as well as working in a less active environment have all contributed to the growth of obesity.

Another leading issue that the media put aside is emotional stress. Emotional stress is the leading cause of obesity today. What comes to your mind whenever you attempt to tackle a deadline? It’s Food. What comes to your mind whenever you become stressed? It’s Food. What comes to your mind whenever you feel over-worked? It’s Food. You start to crave for food to calm your senses down and divert your mind away from your troubles. You possibly can even hear it calling in your mind “Come over to me and taste me! “How tasty am I today?” Your thoughts are now filled up with the images of donuts, candies and cookies.

Eating is mostly used to ease a troubled soul. People that are stressed are much more at risk of giving in to food craving. Research have shown that an average healthy individual carries around seven pounds of toxins. Therefore, it is not difficult to think about the amount of toxin an obese individual carries around. Other scientific studies showed that ten percent of those who are obese actually started over-eating as a way to relieve themselves from anxieties. The enjoyment of eating turned out to become an effective way to block off every negative feelings.

Having a sound body with a healthy mind is something that we cannot achieve separately. In fact, our minds have a massive impact on the way our body feels. Our body is a reflection of our mental and emotional state. Obesity might be an indicator of a severe psychological and emotional issue.

Anxiety and Emotional stress, being the indirect reasons behind over-eating and obesity, need to be solved to prevent serious health issues.

Besides managing your diet, you also need to control your emotions. Everyday stress at work and home can be become excessive. The majority of the urban workers and business owners are caught up in a life of continuous rush. A very busy life can turn out to be so hectic which affect our eating habit. Just watch a regular restaurant in the center of a business area, you will probably observe people gobbling up every since food in their plate… not really savoring the meal. To make matters worse, they consume large amounts of food thinking that they need to restore their body system after a very busy day. Instead of consuming a good nutritious food, they eat foods that are high in fat and calories which are poor for one’s health and wellness.