Alleviating Anxiety to Prevent Panic Attacks

One of the most important issues with many of us is our mental health. And no wonder, our brain is the architect of everything that our body does and how we think. And while there are many different threats to our long term mental health, this article is primarily focused on alleviating anxiety.

But let me back up a bit and explain a little what anxiety is. It is the manifestation of our anxieties due to fear and phobias as well as other worrying influences in our lives. Excessive worrying can lead up to anxiety attacks. And just the thought of having another excessive anxiety attack can lead up to panic attacks in which our body actually ‘thinks’ it is facing danger and reacts according.

Now the panic attacks can have so many different symptoms. It really depends on the person. But let’s just start at the beginning and deal with anxiety and ways for alleviating anxiety before it gets out of hand.

The very first thing I recommend of course is that you see your family doctor or someone in the medical field for diagnosis and recommendations. This is really important because many anxiety and panic attack symptoms can be similar to symptoms from more serious medical issues. So you want to be sure that it is just anxiety attacks or panic attacks that you are really suffering from.

From that point on… there are ways that you can stop them or at the very least manage your anxieties so they wont’ run your life.

Now, your doctor may want to prescribe something for you or refer you to a therapist. They may not be the solution that you are looking for. However, there are some self-help ways that are effective for stopping the anxiety or panic attacks.

One way for alleviating anxiety is to manage your stress levels. And I’m not so surprised about this suggestion because in this day and age, stress is becoming one of the growing threats to our mental health.

There are tons of ways to manage or control your stress. You can’t avoid stress but you sure can keep the debilitating effects of excessive stress from happening to you.

One of the most common ways to deal with stressful situations is to walk away from it if you can. Just take a break, so to speak. Your stressor could be a person, place or event. Sometimes it can even just be the thoughts that are running through our heads. Those thoughts are most likely NOT to be true, but it won’t stop these undesirable thoughts from popping up in our heads and running over and over again.

One way to deal with those thoughts is meditation. Try some yoga or some meditation walking. Meditation by and large is the process of focusing internally. On your breathing and body. And ignoring the stray thoughts or detracting thoughts. Many practitioners swear by it.

Other ideas for avoiding stress and in a larger sense, alleviating anxiety is to take a nice warm/hot bath with soft music and scented candles. Really, the world is truly your oyster when you realize that only you can create the stage of your life.

But you may have to try different things before you find the stress relieving technique that works well for you. Because as they say, everyone body’s is different.

Another way for alleviating anxiety is to go through your daily routines and make each one as simple as possible. For me, I love to make “to do” lists at the beginning of each day. And try to focus on completing those tasks. At the least, the important tasks. And for the medium or not-so-important tasks… if you can’t do them, it’s OK! As long as you do the important stuff, other stuff can be optional.