Cure Anxiety and Stress

How can we cure something without knowing the cause? Is there such a thing as a “cure” for anxiety and stress? What approach should we take. And the most common question is can I find natural ways to subside these problems. In this article we will attempt to answer all of these questions and more.

First thing we should look at is causes. Most anxiety is caused by stress, but what kind of stress? Many people have financial, health, family, job related or relationship stress. Chances are you’ll never eliminate all stress 100%, there will always be room for growth and change. Stress is a normal human characteristic. For now we need to find the source of our anxiety, which means finding the most stress in our lives at this moment.

Depending on what we’re stress about, this will define the course of action that will need to be applied. If it’s our job or income we may need to seek better employment, If it’s health go see a doctor, relationship we may need to sit with our spouse and talk or attend counseling. These are just a few vague examples of what could be bothering you and contributing to your anxiety and some sort of solution. If your grieving over a recent lost of a loved one, this also could bring about depression and in return stress and anxiety. All of these could be tied up together.

What we are trying to say is you can’t cure something, when you don’t know what to cure “make sense”. If medication is needed please take it, we try to avoid medication for side affect reasons and addiction or dependency issues.

Quite often if you can eliminate the stress the rest will follow. A few extra measures you could take might be healthy eating, easy listening music or just free relaxing time for yourself doing something you really enjoy.