Alleviating Anxiety to Prevent Panic Attacks

One of the most important issues with many of us is our mental health. And no wonder, our brain is the architect of everything that our body does and how we think. And while there are many different threats to our long term mental health, this article is primarily focused on alleviating anxiety.

But let me back up a bit and explain a little what anxiety is. It is the manifestation of our anxieties due to fear and phobias as well as other worrying influences in our lives. Excessive worrying can lead up to anxiety attacks. And just the thought of having another excessive anxiety attack can lead up to panic attacks in which our body actually ‘thinks’ it is facing danger and reacts according.

Now the panic attacks can have so many different symptoms. It really depends on the person. But let’s just start at the beginning and deal with anxiety and ways for alleviating anxiety before it gets out of hand.

The very first thing I recommend of course is that you see your family doctor or someone in the medical field for diagnosis and recommendations. This is really important because many anxiety and panic attack symptoms can be similar to symptoms from more serious medical issues. So you want to be sure that it is just anxiety attacks or panic attacks that you are really suffering from.

From that point on… there are ways that you can stop them or at the very least manage your anxieties so they wont’ run your life.

Now, your doctor may want to prescribe something for you or refer you to a therapist. They may not be the solution that you are looking for. However, there are some self-help ways that are effective for stopping the anxiety or panic attacks.

One way for alleviating anxiety is to manage your stress levels. And I’m not so surprised about this suggestion because in this day and age, stress is becoming one of the growing threats to our mental health.

There are tons of ways to manage or control your stress. You can’t avoid stress but you sure can keep the debilitating effects of excessive stress from happening to you.

One of the most common ways to deal with stressful situations is to walk away from it if you can. Just take a break, so to speak. Your stressor could be a person, place or event. Sometimes it can even just be the thoughts that are running through our heads. Those thoughts are most likely NOT to be true, but it won’t stop these undesirable thoughts from popping up in our heads and running over and over again.

One way to deal with those thoughts is meditation. Try some yoga or some meditation walking. Meditation by and large is the process of focusing internally. On your breathing and body. And ignoring the stray thoughts or detracting thoughts. Many practitioners swear by it.

Other ideas for avoiding stress and in a larger sense, alleviating anxiety is to take a nice warm/hot bath with soft music and scented candles. Really, the world is truly your oyster when you realize that only you can create the stage of your life.

But you may have to try different things before you find the stress relieving technique that works well for you. Because as they say, everyone body’s is different.

Another way for alleviating anxiety is to go through your daily routines and make each one as simple as possible. For me, I love to make “to do” lists at the beginning of each day. And try to focus on completing those tasks. At the least, the important tasks. And for the medium or not-so-important tasks… if you can’t do them, it’s OK! As long as you do the important stuff, other stuff can be optional.

Body Position, Anxiety and TMJ

TMJ (short for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) is a disorder concerning the joint that connects the jaw to the skull. This disorder often results in dysfunction in the movements and position of the jaw, which aggravates over time if left untreated. It is estimated that over 11 million Americans may suffer from TMJ at any given time.

People with TMJ have a great amounts of discomfort and pain in the neck and jaw area. They may also experience migraines and may even have fibromyalgia eventually. Some “experts” claim TMJ is caused by continued movement of the jaw beyond its normal limits, such as forward or sideways, which may in turn be caused by excessive gum chewing, nail biting, dental neglect, or trauma (accident).

Yet despite avoiding all its known causes, many individuals still suffer from TMJ. What could be causing this? Could it be due to a new, exciting cause that would make one take a new look at TMJ? Well, not really. Although not many know about these new causes, they should not surprise anyone because these are what causes TMJ in the first place.

Anxiety is the first cause.

You’re probably familiar with this. Your muscles tighten, you tremble, and your jaw stiffens when you feel scared, apprehensive, or anxious. When you deal with anxiety on a regular basis, what do you think happens to you? When you experience aches and pains that seem to appear out of nowhere, are you puzzled that these pains seem to have no physical cause at all? Well, now you know what caused them. And when you unconsciously set your jaw whenever you go through your daily dose of stress, it may eventually add up to a TMJ problem.

Wrong body positioning is the next cause.

Your parents probably told you not to slouch when you were a kid. And if you’re suffering from back problems now, you’re probably wishing you’d have listened. The same goes for TMJ. Sitting the wrong way (or too much) causes our jaw to have the wrong position – it may be too far in or far out.

On the Discovery Channel, when you see these women from developing countries carry heavy loads on top of their heads, have you ever wondered why they don’t suffer from shoulder, neck, and jaw problems despite carrying these loads everyday? The simple reason is this-they carry the loads directly over their heads. In this way, the muscles in their neck and shoulders sustain the weight in a way that nature designed them to. The moment they tip their heads forward, the weight would suddenly cause them to tip forward and lose their balance.

See the connection?

Your head is not heavy at all when it is aligned with the body. But when it is not, as when you tip forward, it feels a bit heavier. Your neck and shoulder muscles often cannot support the extra load, so your jaw exerts effort to keep the head level.

Over time, TMJ disorder happens because of the extra strain.

Doctors often just prescribe painkillers to ease the pain caused by TMJ, but these are just temporary solutions. They do nothing to ease TMJ’s root causes. My TMJ No More Program does just that. It effectively targets the root causes of TMJ with simple exercises that relax the muscles around the TMJ and restore the jaw’s natural position. My program will successfully cure those who suffer from this disorder. Does it work? Apparently, hundreds of my customers who have tried it themselves definitely think so. Check out my TMJ No More program and see what brought the smiles back on their faces.

Aromatherapy Solutions for Stress Anxiety and a Healthier Life

100% organic essential oils have many healthy benefits. I believe that more people would use therapeutic essentials oils if they were aware of the great benefits that these oils provide.

These oils aid in pain relief.  The way to do this is to massage the oils into aching and weary muscles.  You can also make a compress applying it directly with heat. The oils can also improve how endorphins are produced and they can also stimulate neurotransmitters that are located within the brain that are responsible for relieving your pain.  Some oils that you may want to try are peppermint and lavender.  There are also blends you can try such as Relieve It and PanAway.

Therapeutic oils are also great for relieving stress as well as anxiety.  Emotions such as severe anxiety, stress and tension can be connected to some chronic illnesses.  However, using oils will help in making you calm and peaceful.  Many dentists will utilize lemon oil with their patients who have anxiety when going to the dentist.  Other Oils that are helpful include lavender, Ylan Ylang and German chamomile.  Blends that are useful include Peace and Calming and Gentle Baby.

Many people suffer from insomnia, this is when you just cannot sleep, no matter how hard you try.   Most doctors will prescribe a medication to help people who suffer from insomnia.  But now you don’t have to deal with prescription medications lavender oils are the perfect natural way to sleep. Lavender helps with sleep, relaxation and anxiety.  Another great oil promoting sleep is Valerian.

Oils are great for hair health; most shampoos contain ingredients that are actually harmful for you.  One ingredient is propylene glycol which is actually antifreeze.  But oils actually help with revitalizing your hair and can aid in getting rid of dandruff. So no more itchy scalp for you to deal with.

Therapeutic oils are great for inflammation.  Inflammation is caused by several things such as poor diet, reaction to certain chemicals and heavy metals.  Single oils that will help include chamomile, thyme and clove.

Essentials oils assist in protecting against colds and viruses. The reason they help so much is because they have antimicrobial properties.  Oils are very effective in assisting with respiratory support.  They can be inhaled directly helping with your lungs, ear, nose and throat issues.  Oils that can help with those issues are rosemary, lemon, eucalyptus, clove and Thieves.

Oils are great for soothing scrapes, sunburns, burns and minor cuts. Therapeutic oils work as an antiseptic and clean out the wound. Oils that help these wounds include tea tree and lavender.

Whenever using Essential Oils make sure you are always using 100% pure therapeutic grade Essential Oils. Most store bought oils contain additives and chemicals and are not safe for skin application. These oils tend to be more expensive but they are well worth the price.

So you are probably wondering if there is a way to get Therapeutic Grade Oils at a great price right?  The best way to do this is to buy your oils wholesale. These great discounts are no longer reserved to store owners or health professionals. Find a simple way to buy all your therapeutic grade oils at wholesale by visiting my Wholesale Essential Oil website.

Healthy Remedies For Stress, Anxiety, and Obesity

Advancements in science and technology today have totally modernized how people live their lives. The improvements of the 21st century medical care science have prolonged the rate of longevity and even wiped out several incurable diseases.

These modern wonders have fallen short on eliminating two problematic issues that are affecting people nowadays: Anxiety and Stress. Regardless of the dietary supplements that you use, or the physical exercise program that you try… No one can gain immunity out of life worries.

The other health issue that creates challenges to medical science is obesity. Based on the U.S Obesity Society research, around 64% of Americans have become overweight. The unhealthy eating habit, the convenience of transportation, as well as working in a less active environment have all contributed to the growth of obesity.

Another leading issue that the media put aside is emotional stress. Emotional stress is the leading cause of obesity today. What comes to your mind whenever you attempt to tackle a deadline? It’s Food. What comes to your mind whenever you become stressed? It’s Food. What comes to your mind whenever you feel over-worked? It’s Food. You start to crave for food to calm your senses down and divert your mind away from your troubles. You possibly can even hear it calling in your mind “Come over to me and taste me! “How tasty am I today?” Your thoughts are now filled up with the images of donuts, candies and cookies.

Eating is mostly used to ease a troubled soul. People that are stressed are much more at risk of giving in to food craving. Research have shown that an average healthy individual carries around seven pounds of toxins. Therefore, it is not difficult to think about the amount of toxin an obese individual carries around. Other scientific studies showed that ten percent of those who are obese actually started over-eating as a way to relieve themselves from anxieties. The enjoyment of eating turned out to become an effective way to block off every negative feelings.

Having a sound body with a healthy mind is something that we cannot achieve separately. In fact, our minds have a massive impact on the way our body feels. Our body is a reflection of our mental and emotional state. Obesity might be an indicator of a severe psychological and emotional issue.

Anxiety and Emotional stress, being the indirect reasons behind over-eating and obesity, need to be solved to prevent serious health issues.

Besides managing your diet, you also need to control your emotions. Everyday stress at work and home can be become excessive. The majority of the urban workers and business owners are caught up in a life of continuous rush. A very busy life can turn out to be so hectic which affect our eating habit. Just watch a regular restaurant in the center of a business area, you will probably observe people gobbling up every since food in their plate… not really savoring the meal. To make matters worse, they consume large amounts of food thinking that they need to restore their body system after a very busy day. Instead of consuming a good nutritious food, they eat foods that are high in fat and calories which are poor for one’s health and wellness.

Mental Health Help and Wisdom in Dreams

When I was in the beginning of my scientific research I believed I should have studied in a University because it would be simpler to be accepted by the scientific community. However, when I could discover the existence of our anti-conscience into the biggest part of our brain I understood why I had to learn everything based only on the superior knowledge given to me by the divine unconscious mind, which produces our dreams.

The unconscious mind showed me the truth behind the apparent reality, relating science to religion. The anti-conscience is our wild conscience, which didn’t evolve like our human conscience.

The existence of this wild content and its interference in our conscious mind is the most important matter of our lives. However, nobody can see the truth behind the apparent reality.

The anti-conscience is an invisible enemy. It generates mental illnesses within our conscience whenever we follow its absurd thoughts. Even before generating a mental illness, it keeps interfering in our logical system.

The salvation for the human being is the obedience to divine wisdom. However, the logical traps of the anti-conscience make our human conscience follow the absurd thoughts that invade our conscious mind whenever we are depressed or revolted for some reason. We accept what is bad without criticism because we want to get revenge, because we want to get rid of our unbearable pain, and because we have no conditions to reasonably think about anything.

Even worse that this trap is the fact that the interference of absurd thoughts in our reasoning system doesn’t begin only if we are depressed or revolted. The anti-conscience uses many other ways to influence and control our behavior.

When you learn the dream language you start seeing the truth behind the apparent reality. You are able to practically read people’s minds, and you have trustful information about how your future will be unfolded, depending on your attitude.

This means that you start identifying the existence of the anti-conscience in everyone’s behavior, the same way you identify the influence of your anti-conscience in your reasoning system. You understand how the anti-conscience’s absurdity determines your behavior whenever you follow its absurd thoughts. You learn how to completely eliminate the influence of your wild side, without being a passive victim of various instinctive reactions.

This practice will give you relief, especially if you have serious psychological problems. By translating the meaning of your dreams and observing the influence of your anti-conscience into your conscience you will stop blaming yourself for various mistakes, since you will understand that these mistakes were imposed by your anti-conscience.

Those who are proud of their intelligence and their achievements cannot agree with the existence of absurdity into their own brain. They have a strong human conscience, since their anti-conscience didn’t manage to destroy a big portion of their conscience yet.

However, the mentally ill have already lost a big portion of their human conscience. They are relieved from heavy guilt when they understand that their absurd behavior is not the result of their own actions, but the result of their anti-conscience’s control. The anti-conscience is their animal personality; it doesn’t belong to their human conscience. This means that their conscience cannot be blamed for their mistakes and sins.

Everyone should prevent craziness, since everyone can become mentally ill at any time. However, nobody understands the importance of preventing the complete destruction of their human conscience before having psychological problems.

The unconscious mind shows you in your dreams the truth behind the apparent reality because it is God’s mind. Before seriously understanding the truth about the human nature, you have to understand that you are safe and you will be protected if you will obey the divine guidance.

God helps you trust His sanctity. First of all you understand that you can become a genius and attain spiritual perfection. When you have this knowledge, you understand that it will be advantageous for you to follow the guidance you have, even if it is against your initial plans. You realize you have to fight your anti-conscience, without being indifferent to its absurdity. This absurdity is causing numerous problems in your life.

You have to concentrate your attention on the brilliant future you will have when you will manage to finally eliminate the negative content you have inherited through consciousness. Before understanding the truth about the human nature you have to understand that you can evolve and you can become a perfect human being, even if you are mentally ill, and you already have made numerous mistakes.

You need this conviction so that you may look at the truth behind the apparent reality without being discouraged by the absurdity and the evilness you have inherited, and by the wickedness of the world. By understanding that there are solutions and you can attain a higher level of knowledge, you find the courage you need to fight your anti-conscience and the absurdity of the world.

If you have a strong human conscience you feel that you can control your behavior and you don’t need psychotherapy, but this is a dangerous impression. If you have an anti-conscience, this means that you can suddenly have panic attacks and dizziness. You can have a series of absurd thoughts, anxiety, and many unbearable sensations without any logical explanation.

Men’s Health Issues and Concerns

In the United States, the 3 top causes of death among men are heart disease, cancer and stroke. Along with those, men also face frequent sexual problems involving low libidos and the prostate. Other issues for men’s health are lack of energy and digestive problems (more of a problem for those over 40).

At the base of these health issues are a mix of problems such as poor diet, toxins in the environment, smoking, drinking and other pollutants. By adopting a more healthy lifestyle, men can improve their chances when it comes to these life-threatening diseases.

Heart Disease

High cholesterol is often blamed for heart disease in men, but that isn’t the case. According to Dr. Ben Ansell, director of the UCLA Center for Primary Care-Based Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, “There are many patients that develop coronary heart disease despite having normal cholesterol levels and no other risk factors.”

Another possible cause for heart disease that is getting attention from many health experts is acute acidosis, where the acidic state of your body can damage your heart and arteries, creating holes in the artery walls. These holes are repaired by the body with cholesterol, which is why cholesterol is so often found in conjunction with heart disease damage. But it is not the cause.

Unless the acid state of the body is fixed, these cholesterol-based repairs will continue until the arteries are too clogged to function properly. When blood flow to the heart is reduced, you are at risk of heart failure, angina or full-blown heart attack. You can check your own pH levels with simple test strips purchased at the drug store. Your urine is tested first thing in the morning, and you should have a pH level between 6.4 and 7.0. Lower than 6.4 indicated acidity.


A stroke can be caused by similar blockages as heart disease, but they occur when blood to the brain is reduced. If arteries to the brain become blocked, portions of brain tissue can die.


Cancer is another disease that is linked to a high level of acidity in the body. Cancer cells are more likely to grow out of control in an oxygen-reduced environment. That is exactly what is caused when your body is too acidic. With a balanced pH, you can improve your cellular oxygen levels by 10 to 20 times.

Low Libido

The causes for a low sexual drive can include mental stresses such as anger, fear, anxiety and depression. There are also physical causes like anemia, arthritis, alcohol abuse, cardiovascular disorder and diabetes. A healthy diet and moderate level of physical fitness can help keep your libido strong.


There are 3 types of prostate diseases: prostatitis, BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia, and prostate cancer. The first one is a bacterial infection, and BPH is an enlarged prostate. Prostate health can be improved with nutrients lycopene and apigenin. Tomatoes are a good source of lycopene, and you can get apigenin in onions, celery, cherries, apples and broccoli.

Help For Those Who Struggle With Anxiety and Stress

One of the biggest threats to our productivity is the ability to handle stress. Some people know how to deal with it but there are more people out there who don’t. As a result, that person is no longer that efficient and that could lead to burnout. Fortunately there are ways to handle stress.

We get stressed when we keep all our feelings inside. This may good at times but if this builds up, it won’t be long before you explode. You can deal with it by talking to someone about your problem even if in the end, that will not change the current situation. If you don’t want to talk to anyone, find another way to let it out like playing your favorite sport, meditating, prayer or writing your problem down on a piece of paper.

If you have the power within you, try to make that change so this no longer bothers you. It wouldn’t hurt to raise the issue because if other people feel the same way, something has got to give. Should this work, everyone’s stress levels will be reduced.

You have to take care of yourself rather than giving into stress. To do that, you have to listen to your body so you know when something is no longer working. When this happens, you have to find ways to reduce stress like going on a vacation or engaging in relaxation exercises.

Another option will be to try something different like engaging in a hobby. Any hobby can reduce stress because you take your mind off work and then focus on something else. It can be scale modeling or bonsai tree planting. The choice is up to you.

If you don’t engage in a hobby, try something different like volunteering your services to take your mind off work. There are many organizations out there that need people with various skills and expertise to help them out. While some of them won’t pay you a dime, just think how many people you are able to help and knowing that can make you already feel good about yourself.

You can also go out often and see friends. When you are around people you know, the subject of work is left out and you guys will talk about the good old days or update each other on what everyone is doing. If you guys are not busy, this can become a regular thing like weekly or monthly.

Did you ever think that you brought on stress to yourself? Most of the time, we accept more work without realizing that this has a toll on your body. But there is a way to deal with it and that is simply to delegate some of the work and at times, don’t be afraid to say “no. “

On the other hand, if the workload is manageable and other people can do the same thing, perhaps you are the one that is causing the problem. It is possible that you don’t know how to manage your priorities so you should learn to prioritize.

If you are working on a deadline, naturally you should work finish which one needs to be submitted first and so on. Should you need more time, don’t be afraid to ask for an extension or even get help.

For those who are not happy anymore with what you are doing, quit. Some might think that is a coward’s way out of anything but if you know this is good for you then you might as well do it.

Perhaps, the best way to handle stress is to learn to be happy. You can start by being thankful and content with what you have knowing that you worked hard for it. If you want more, plan how this can be done and then make it happen.