Worrying Less About Anxiety

Much has been said these days about depression. You do not have to wait very long when watching TV before a commercial for the latest antidepressant medication fills the screen. But anxiety, another relatively common mental health concern, gets little press. Yet, millions of people will experience anxiety at some point in the lives.

Symptoms of Anxiety

Anxiety can be debilitating. It is primarily characterized by excessive worry, the kind that interrupts or prevents your sleep and seems to take over your life. This worry occurs more days than not and is difficult, if not seemingly impossible, to control.

People with anxiety feel restless or “keyed up.” They describe being “on edge” or “wound too tightly” or “high strung.” Because so much energy is needed to worry for weeks or months or even years on end, folks with anxiety are often exhausted. This extreme fatigue leads to an inability to focus or concentrate and in many cases, causes irritability.

Other anxiety symptoms include nausea, jitteriness, racing heart, a “lump in the throat” feeling, and sweating. Escalating anxiety can lead to panic, accompanied by chest pains and a feeling of suffocation, because severe anxiety sufferers unconsciously hold their breath or breathe too shallowly. They may even think they are having a heart attack–very distressing indeed!

In addition to these symptoms, anxiety also causes muscle tension and

Cure Anxiety and Stress

How can we cure something without knowing the cause? Is there such a thing as a “cure” for anxiety and stress? What approach should we take. And the most common question is can I find natural ways to subside these problems. In this article we will attempt to answer all of these questions and more.

First thing we should look at is causes. Most anxiety is caused by stress, but what kind of stress? Many people have financial, health, family, job related or relationship stress. Chances are you’ll never eliminate all stress 100%, there will always be room for growth and change. Stress is a normal human characteristic. For now we need to find the source of our anxiety, which means finding the most stress in our lives at this moment.

Depending on what we’re stress about, this will define the course of action that will need to be applied. If it’s our job or income we may need to seek better employment, If it’s health go see a doctor, relationship we may need to sit with our spouse and talk or attend counseling. These are just a few vague examples of what could be bothering you and contributing to your anxiety and some sort of solution. If your grieving over a recent lost of a loved one, this also could bring about depression and in return stress and anxiety. All of these could be tied up together.

Alleviating Anxiety to Prevent Panic Attacks

One of the most important issues with many of us is our mental health. And no wonder, our brain is the architect of everything that our body does and how we think. And while there are many different threats to our long term mental health, this article is primarily focused on alleviating anxiety.

But let me back up a bit and explain a little what anxiety is. It is the manifestation of our anxieties due to fear and phobias as well as other worrying influences in our lives. Excessive worrying can lead up to anxiety attacks. And just the thought of having another excessive anxiety attack can lead up to panic attacks in which our body actually ‘thinks’ it is facing danger and reacts according.

Now the panic attacks can have so many different symptoms. It really depends on the person. But let’s just start at the beginning and deal with anxiety and ways for alleviating anxiety before it gets out of hand.

The very first thing I recommend of course is that you see your family doctor or someone in the medical field for diagnosis and recommendations. This is really important because many anxiety and panic attack symptoms can be similar to symptoms from more serious medical issues. So you want to be sure that it is just anxiety attacks or panic attacks that you are really suffering from.

From that point on… there are ways that you can stop them or at

Body Position, Anxiety and TMJ

TMJ (short for Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) is a disorder concerning the joint that connects the jaw to the skull. This disorder often results in dysfunction in the movements and position of the jaw, which aggravates over time if left untreated. It is estimated that over 11 million Americans may suffer from TMJ at any given time.

People with TMJ have a great amounts of discomfort and pain in the neck and jaw area. They may also experience migraines and may even have fibromyalgia eventually. Some “experts” claim TMJ is caused by continued movement of the jaw beyond its normal limits, such as forward or sideways, which may in turn be caused by excessive gum chewing, nail biting, dental neglect, or trauma (accident).

Yet despite avoiding all its known causes, many individuals still suffer from TMJ. What could be causing this? Could it be due to a new, exciting cause that would make one take a new look at TMJ? Well, not really. Although not many know about these new causes, they should not surprise anyone because these are what causes TMJ in the first place.

Anxiety is the first cause.

You’re probably familiar with this. Your muscles tighten, you tremble, and your jaw stiffens when you feel scared, apprehensive, or anxious. When you deal with anxiety on a regular basis, what do you think happens to you? When you experience aches and pains that seem to appear out of nowhere, are you puzzled that

Aromatherapy Solutions for Stress Anxiety and a Healthier Life

100% organic essential oils have many healthy benefits. I believe that more people would use therapeutic essentials oils if they were aware of the great benefits that these oils provide.

These oils aid in pain relief.  The way to do this is to massage the oils into aching and weary muscles.  You can also make a compress applying it directly with heat. The oils can also improve how endorphins are produced and they can also stimulate neurotransmitters that are located within the brain that are responsible for relieving your pain.  Some oils that you may want to try are peppermint and lavender.  There are also blends you can try such as Relieve It and PanAway.

Therapeutic oils are also great for relieving stress as well as anxiety.  Emotions such as severe anxiety, stress and tension can be connected to some chronic illnesses.  However, using oils will help in making you calm and peaceful.  Many dentists will utilize lemon oil with their patients who have anxiety when going to the dentist.  Other Oils that are helpful include lavender, Ylan Ylang and German chamomile.  Blends that are useful include Peace and Calming and Gentle Baby.

Many people suffer from insomnia, this is when you just cannot sleep, no matter how hard you try.   Most doctors will prescribe a medication to help people who suffer from insomnia.  But now you don’t have to deal with prescription medications lavender oils are the perfect natural way to sleep. Lavender helps with sleep, relaxation

Healthy Remedies For Stress, Anxiety, and Obesity

Advancements in science and technology today have totally modernized how people live their lives. The improvements of the 21st century medical care science have prolonged the rate of longevity and even wiped out several incurable diseases.

These modern wonders have fallen short on eliminating two problematic issues that are affecting people nowadays: Anxiety and Stress. Regardless of the dietary supplements that you use, or the physical exercise program that you try… No one can gain immunity out of life worries.

The other health issue that creates challenges to medical science is obesity. Based on the U.S Obesity Society research, around 64% of Americans have become overweight. The unhealthy eating habit, the convenience of transportation, as well as working in a less active environment have all contributed to the growth of obesity.

Another leading issue that the media put aside is emotional stress. Emotional stress is the leading cause of obesity today. What comes to your mind whenever you attempt to tackle a deadline? It’s Food. What comes to your mind whenever you become stressed? It’s Food. What comes to your mind whenever you feel over-worked? It’s Food. You start to crave for food to calm your senses down and divert your mind away from your troubles. You possibly can even hear it calling in your mind “Come over to me and taste me! “How tasty am I today?” Your thoughts are now filled up with the images of donuts, candies and cookies.

Eating is

Mental Health Help and Wisdom in Dreams

When I was in the beginning of my scientific research I believed I should have studied in a University because it would be simpler to be accepted by the scientific community. However, when I could discover the existence of our anti-conscience into the biggest part of our brain I understood why I had to learn everything based only on the superior knowledge given to me by the divine unconscious mind, which produces our dreams.

The unconscious mind showed me the truth behind the apparent reality, relating science to religion. The anti-conscience is our wild conscience, which didn’t evolve like our human conscience.

The existence of this wild content and its interference in our conscious mind is the most important matter of our lives. However, nobody can see the truth behind the apparent reality.

The anti-conscience is an invisible enemy. It generates mental illnesses within our conscience whenever we follow its absurd thoughts. Even before generating a mental illness, it keeps interfering in our logical system.

The salvation for the human being is the obedience to divine wisdom. However, the logical traps of the anti-conscience make our human conscience follow the absurd thoughts that invade our conscious mind whenever we are depressed or revolted for some reason. We accept what is bad without criticism because we want to get revenge, because we want to get rid of our unbearable pain, and because we have no conditions to reasonably think about anything.

Even worse that