Men’s Health Issues and Concerns

In the United States, the 3 top causes of death among men are heart disease, cancer and stroke. Along with those, men also face frequent sexual problems involving low libidos and the prostate. Other issues for men’s health are lack of energy and digestive problems (more of a problem for those over 40).

At the base of these health issues are a mix of problems such as poor diet, toxins in the environment, smoking, drinking and other pollutants. By adopting a more healthy lifestyle, men can improve their chances when it comes to these life-threatening diseases.

Heart Disease

High cholesterol is often blamed for heart disease in men, but that isn’t the case. According to Dr. Ben Ansell, director of the UCLA Center for Primary Care-Based Cardiovascular Disease Prevention, “There are many patients that develop coronary heart disease despite having normal cholesterol levels and no other risk factors.”

Another possible cause for heart disease that is getting attention from many health experts is acute acidosis, where the acidic state of your body can damage your heart and arteries, creating holes in the artery walls. These holes are repaired by the body with cholesterol, which is why cholesterol is so often found in conjunction with heart disease damage. But it is not the cause.

Unless the acid state of the body is fixed, these cholesterol-based repairs will continue until the arteries are too clogged to function properly. When blood flow to the heart is

Help For Those Who Struggle With Anxiety and Stress

One of the biggest threats to our productivity is the ability to handle stress. Some people know how to deal with it but there are more people out there who don’t. As a result, that person is no longer that efficient and that could lead to burnout. Fortunately there are ways to handle stress.

We get stressed when we keep all our feelings inside. This may good at times but if this builds up, it won’t be long before you explode. You can deal with it by talking to someone about your problem even if in the end, that will not change the current situation. If you don’t want to talk to anyone, find another way to let it out like playing your favorite sport, meditating, prayer or writing your problem down on a piece of paper.

If you have the power within you, try to make that change so this no longer bothers you. It wouldn’t hurt to raise the issue because if other people feel the same way, something has got to give. Should this work, everyone’s stress levels will be reduced.

You have to take care of yourself rather than giving into stress. To do that, you have to listen to your body so you know when something is no longer working. When this happens, you have to find ways to reduce stress like going on a vacation or engaging in relaxation exercises.

Another option will be to try something different

Natural Products For Relieving Stress, Anxiety, and Insomnia

In this high paced world it seems that for most people, the solution for everything is to just pop some new fad drug; however, there are great, non-addictive, natural alternatives to dealing with stress, anxiety, and insomnia that does not require you to spend even more time at the pharmacy. There are a wide range of affordable, easy to use natural products that can help you get the relief that you need.

Natural products can come in a variety of methods for helping you to ease tension and get to sleep ranging from Aromatherapy products, aromatic bath salts and oils, essential oils, herbal teas, and supplements so you are sure to find any number of natural products to help you relax in a safe and easy way.

Natural products in the aromatherapy category can range from candles, oil diffusers, sachets and pillows, and even these great little sleeping mists that you can use to spray your bed linens before you go to bed; the lavender and other aromatherapy elements of the spray help you to relax and soothes you to sleep.

What effect you wish to achieve is the main determinant of which scent you would want. Most of the pillows and sleeping sprays, for example, come in lavender or some combination of lavender, chamomile, or sandalwood as well as other essential oils because of their ability to relax you, ease stress, and promote a restful sleep.

Aromatic bath salts and oils utilize most

Anxiety and Panic Attacks Should Be Simple

Let me state the obvious…our personal lives can be very complicated and difficult to deal with. Day in and day out, we are continuously pelted with all forms of negative and positive feedback as we go throughout our day. It can often be overwhelming, and very stressful. A funny thing about stress for those who have OCD, anxiety and panic attacks, is that stress can be the engine that drives those impulse disorders.

What is the most effective way to deal with an emotionally overwhelming day? Good question. There is, obviously, no single solution. Life is just not that simple. I find, when life gets to be a little overwhelming, it is easier to deal with when you simplify your thinking. There is a lot of serenity in reminding yourself what is important to you. Fall back on old and familiar priorities. Remind yourself that the mental bashing you may be taking at work is not nearly as important to you at your own personal health. Remind yourself that learning from yesterday, living for today and planning for tomorrow is a simple and practical way to look at your life. My point being, we bring an awful lot of grief on ourselves. It is self-imposed.

We can let so many things in our lives, that are stress producing, to go ahead and drag us down, or we can simply confront those things that are stress producing and remind ourselves that they are not as important in

Depression, Anxiety and Hypertension Treatment

Dream treatment is ideal for all types of mental illnesses and conditions, and will certainly help you overcome your depression, anxiety and hypertension once you learn how to decipher the hidden messages contained in your own dreams, giving you information about you and the world where you are.

Depression is always following you if you are too anxious and hypertensive, because you cannot find peace and satisfaction anywhere.

Your dreams will organize your thoughts and your daily life, showing you what is really important for your happiness.

Anxiety is part of your daily reactions when you are always afraid of failure and many other dangers. You’ll learn how to feel confident and trust your capacities, besides learning what will happen in the future, so that you may correct what could have bad results.

You’ll also learn how to be wise and forgive everyone’s mistakes, without expecting too much from anyone.

The truth about the human psyche and the world where you live will give you notions that will calm you down, and you’ll stop being a bomb ready to explode, becoming a sensible and sensitive human being, able to think and feel before acting, and able to discern the right solutions among all the possibilities and impossibilities of the external reality.

The dream language is made of scenes and images that give you information and many lessons about everything. Once you learn it, the confused images you see when you sleep

Anxiety and Homeopathy

Anxiety can be overpowering. When you experience anxiety, it seems to take you over. What’s more is that it is often so difficult to control that you worry about being somewhere and being overtaken by anxiety and panic. After a while, the fear of anxiety can be anxiety-provoking. The truth is that we live in a time and society where stress is accepted as a normal part of living, where being overcommitted is a sacrament, and exhaustion is a sign that you must be one of the “chosen.” Over time, chronic stress can lead to an assortment of mental and physical ailments. Some people speculate that such stress can, over time, lead to adrenal fatigue and, potentially adrenal failure. Whether this is the case or not, we know that stress over time and anxiety over time is bad for the entire system, especially the heart. We also know that there is much that one can do to treat the body naturally in ways that will allow the body to heal itself.

Allopathic treatments for anxiety usually consist of medicines used most commonly for depression, like benzodiazepines, beta blockers, and other anti-depressants. Anti-depressants have received lots of press recently, because of concerns related to increased suicidal tendencies. There are other significant side effects of such medicines and they are often habit forming. While in extreme cases, these medicines may be critical, they are often overprescribed and not without serious risks. It is often possible to deal with anxiety

Anxiety and Panic Attack Solutions

Anxiety disorders, like social phobia and panic disorder, can be treated with a number of medications. One such medication is benzodiazepine, commonly known as benzos.

Benzos are tranquilizers. Words that you’ll hear used to describe these drugs include hypnotic, sedative, anxiolytic, muscle relaxant, and amnesic. They work, in short, by slowing down your central nervous system.

As well as for Anxiety disorders, they are also prescribed for a number of other conditions including insomnia, seizures, muscle spasms, and alcohol withdrawal. Dentists also sometimes use benzos in their work. Those who abuse stimulant drugs, such as speed, sometimes also abuse benzos to come down from the high. Common drugs classified as benzos include Xanax, Valium, Serax, Rohypnol, Halcion, Librium, Mogadon, and Ativan, among others.

There are a number of side effects to consider if you are thinking about using benzos to treat your anxiety disorder. First and foremost, some benzos are extremely addictive. While some users report no addictive feelings, others report complete addiction in as little as a few days. It depends on the strength of the drug you are using and your body’s specific reaction to it.

Other side effects can be drowsiness, ataxia, confusion, imbalance, impaired judgement, and forgetfulness. Some benzos are stronger than others and all have drug-specific side effects to consider as well. If taken at the same time as alcohol or opiates, benzos will become extremely toxic.

Once you are dependent on, or addicted to, benzos, withdrawal can